"We are one, you and I, united at the heart
our souls intertwine like threads in a tapestry.
I can feel you breathing, slow and softly
I can feel your heart beating a lover's beat.
I feel the warmth of your embrace as it protects me
from the chilling winds of sorrow and despair...."
- silvermane'

To Dream...is to hope
and where there is hope....there is fire and light!!
You are the light that shines brightly in my eyes
the flame that burns brightly within my soul!!
- SassyCat'

A Cyber Fairytale ~

Once Upon A Time ~
In a world not so very far away
is a land filled with fantasy and dreams!

One very magical night
two souls felt the chains of fate and the hopes of destiny -
being drawn together as if by mystical forces!!
It was this very night that silvermane and I met!

Although total strangers, I felt his presence - overwhelming at times!
We had not spoken but a few words
letting uncertainty wedge a distance between us!
A few weeks had passed...and once again
our few spoken words drew us closer!
We were amongst many friends
each of us lending ourselves to a nite of virtual fun!
As the hours passed...and the crowd withered away
we found ourselves alone....face to face!
As we played the role of our fantasy characters
a warm humorous wolf and a mischievous cat...
uncertainty began to fade away and for the very first time
realized that fear was only that in the mind!
This being the beginning of an everlasting friendship!

The end result of my little story is this:
True love has a way of finding the pure of heart
Where there was uncertainty...came trust
Out of trust...grew friendship
And with an open heart and mind
realized that I loved him...have always loved him!

To you silvermane

My true soulmate!!

On March 18th, '97 silvermane proposed cybermarriage

We were Married May 4th, '97

From our hearts, you are all invited
To share in our day of happiness!


The Hen Party

The Bridal Party


*The Wedding*

The Reception

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