The cover of this book is unique or descriptive for a reason.  Maybe you have given up on life due to heartbreaks or stress and now your talents are buried -- allow this book to pull you from the grasp of death.  We want you to seize the moment and awaken to a second life.  A "rebirth" if you may.

     Or perhaps you have many poor health habits that you don't seem to have the willpower to change and you are prematurely halfway into the grave.  Allow us to help you to help yourself out of your grave to a sense of accomplishment that will make you feel excited to be alive.

     The authors will draw from their twenty years of experience with nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, and ways to cope with stress topics that they have written about or observed in the private practice at the office.  At times comical, other times true life stories may bring a tear to your eye, the reading is easy and loaded with plenty of practical ideas to help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually to improve your life.

     Health is our greatest blessing, and with a national trend toward alternative healing, this book strives to collect a broad spectrum of suggestions under one cover to help the reader to put into practice some of the most current holistic ideas of our time.

     So, depending on where you are on the path of life, let this book pull you out of the grave if you are living but not alive.  Or let us prevent you from slipping into the grave by substituting many little good habits for all of your bad habits.  If you felt the catchy title or unique cover caught your attention, the authors are confident that the content of the book will capture your heart.

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