You must be commended by your selection or curiosity.  This book is written for all of those who have half a notion to live, would like to live to be very old, and want to enjoy more health and peace of mind.  It is for those who don't have the ho-hum attitude about living and dying, for those who think they might have a say when their number is up.  The general consensus is that you are going to die of something anyway, so why bother; should you follow suit -- not if you want a long, healthy life.

     The pages that follow are full of thoughts and offerings.  Many comments, suggestions, and advice are right from the trenches, first hand experience, hands on treatment, contact observations and numerous casual conversations and interviews.

     Maybe you have all of the knowledge but are just still thinking about it or you know little of life enrichment but are very interested and motivated; this work may help you or provide a pearl or two you can keep.

     There may, at times, seem like there are some contrasting views on some subjects, but for the most part the authors agree on most all subject matter yet may differ in presentations.  We may suggest and hope you can and will follow the right path; however, if at times some information or instruction seems brash, harsh, abrasive, berating, belligerent, aggressive, hostile, and authoritative to make a point, oh well!  Sorry -- there has been enough written to try and nudge you a notch or ask you politely but some of these thoughts, suggestions, or alternatives were not sugar-coated and were not intended to be.

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