CyBeR fRiEnDs GaLlErY 



Seiko & Ms Seiko

Sure is about time I got a pic of these two
My real life cousins'& my two best friends!
Say hello when you see them.  Just be sure to ask
If it's Mr or Ms!! LOL



This New Zealand gal is a special friend.
Always there for me and added
her special touch to my wedding.
She has a personality to match her beauty!!




One of my dearest & closest friends!!
Don't let the name fool ya...he's just a big "Puddy Tat"!
But, he's a "bigcat"!



Yes, you're right!! This is the maniac....
the man with the hands!!
He's right there in the top five
of my best friends (real or cyber)
My teacher, my motivator, and one of
the funniest guys you'll ever meet!!




This New Zealand friend
has shared a touch of culture & hours of chat
And let's not forget those roses!!




If anyone can set an example of "true friendship"
this Norweigian sure can!
Always there when I need him!!




This is one Sweet Lady
With a great sense of humor, loves to chat
And a heart, the size of New Zealand!!



What can I really say about this "mutt"?
You only need to chat with him once. And you'll see,
he's got to be the sweetest "pooch" on earth!!

The Viper

A long time friend from Nova Scotia!!
His energy and passion for fun,
has sure kept this cat (sassy)!!
Sleep is highly over-rated, huh?


Dark Shadows

It sure feels like I've known him forever!!
How long has it been?
He's a super guy...even gives me good advice
on where to stay out of town. The Waldorf Astoria!!




This gentleman from The Netherlands
shares my deep love for music & fine wine!!
Sure sounds like a "romantic" to me!!



Known to his friends as BT
this friend has a sense of adventure
and a great creative imagination!!
A lot of fun...And a thumbs up...what a cutie!!



I've never met a guy who's search
for fun is endless...'til now!
You have to agree...he's definitely got the charm
 and the good looks!!



A real friend!
He had the first opportunity to give Sass a cyberboot
For not putting his name on the friends list
And I never felt a thing!!


Along with his many other ventures,
this WCG friend also works in television!!
And he's got the fringe benefits on his arms
Go get 'em Tiger!!



Another long time friend and survivor
of the old World's Chat
Always full of fun and adventure!!
And what an imagination!!



Any of you who know Filburt,
Did you really think he was
going to let me post a serious pic?
Not this clown!! *s*



Dressed in costume to match his avatar!!
One of the old World's Chat survivors, "A good friend"!!
and always willing to help!!



Another World's Chat Gold traveler
Always full of fun!!
And keeps an eye out for the ladies!!



A super guy and another chat-oholic
You can find him at World's Chat Gold
His home away from home!!



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