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Whoa!!..The master at work!!
Every project this guy does, turns to "Gold"
But never too busy to be a friend!!



This good friend is a real character!!
Combine laughs and a party...and that's our KC!!
"Boyish"? 'betcha!! An "old fart"?...Not on a bet!!


MaryAnn & Grumpy

Perfect pic to describe these friends!!
Their friendships are as solid as their marriage!!
Won't mention how many years ...but "lots"!!



This busy lady from England always makes time for friends!!
A real joy to chat with!!
One of the nicest people on the net!!


Geeeezz.. Now this is what ya call a best friend!!
Can tell this gal anything
And ya can bet your boots she's gonna do the same!!
Just needs a censor. LOL



His personality is as relaxing as his pic!!
This Aussie mate is always ready to chat
And his sharp wit really keeps you on your toes!!



KBird & Firecracker

I feel very lucky having this couple as friends!!
Always one of them around to make ya laugh
Great chatters and a great team!!



This is one funny lady!!
Always happy and makes it addictive!!
And a real cat lover!!


Another gal with a love for chatting!!
That's if you can catch her *s*
Busy, busy lady!!



You'll always find this pretty lady having fun
Chatting with friends
and always taking time for new ones!!




An all around great guy!!
Makes good times matter where he is!!
And as you can see, Very Talented!!



I could never say enough nice things about this friend
The three main things that come to mind are:
Endearing, gracious and one of the sweetest people I know!!


DebbieFl & Peter(Swe)

Two of my newest chat friends
And one of WCG's newest cybermarried couples
Great chatters and alot of fun!!



This guy is a real funny character
And if you're looking for the best
Stop!! cause you already found him!!


This picture sure came as a suprise
A very pleasant one!! Had to beg for this one *s*
Good friend..always there if I need him!!


Reno Jim

Very popular with all his friends
Most of the time out looking for fun
A loyal friend and a great guy!!




Any of you that know this gentleman
Know the loyalty he has to his friends
Can keep any conversation interesting, for hours!!


Raver Girl

This Virginia girl is always a lot of fun
She really loves chatting on the 'net
She's really kewl and a great friend!!


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