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Ever meet someone for the first time
and like them instantly?
He has his own special charm
A real pleasure to chat with!!



Does this look like a fun lovin' guy?
You betcha' he is..and a real cut-up
Just love his little girl - SassyCats' buddy!! *s*




This guy sure knows how to get a gals attention
Sure was a nice surprise getting his picture
And even nicer having him for a friend!!



Anyone lucky enough to chat with this couple
Is in for a double load of fun
Great people and you can always count on them to be there!!



You'll really have to tighten your seat belts
When this super guy shows up to chat
Great sense of humor and surely knows
how to liven up a party!!



Charming, witty, artistic and an all around good guy!
Always a fun time chatting with this friend
You can bet on it *S*!!



A super friend from my home state of Pennsylvania
And the reason he's such a cutie *s*
At the top of my list, a great guy and a real sweetheart!!


Running Bare

Without a doubt, this lady is
one of the sweetest on the net!
A true friend that carries loyalty to the limit
Consider myself very lucky having met her!!


Even tho I don't get to chat with this guy often
It's always the highlight of my day when he appears!
Sincere and honest, with a musical flair for the saxophone!



A sweet lady from Alaska
The northern climate must really agree with her
she's one of the happiest people I know!!



This man is surely one of my dearest acquaintances
He always takes the time to say Hi
one of the warmest personalities on the 'net!!


Mr Benz

This Norwegian friend is a real charmer
Being a real gentleman is one of his best traits
He rates at the top of the list!!



Chatting with this gal is always a pleasure
She's high spirited, warm and full of fun
That pretty face says it all!!



I'm sure you can guess, by this lovely lady's name
that she comes from the beautiful country of Australia!
She's on the top of my closest friends list
She's sweet, caring and alot of fun!!




Want to meet a warm, sincere gentleman
with a great sense of humor?
Well, you're lookin' at him *s*
From New Zealand....
his personality reaches 'round the world!!




Always a fun time...when chatting with this guy!
He'll sure keep ya on your toes!
And Oh, BTW girls...He's available!! *s*



A dear, long time friend from New Zealand
A super gentleman that loves to chat
A little quiet & "shy"??? NOT anymore!! *w*



One of my newest & dearest acquaintances!
I was introduced to him in World's Chat Gold
and I consider that one of my lucky days!! *s*




Now, is this the face of an angel,...or what?
Don't you beleive it!!..those horns are hidin' somewhere *s*
One of the funniest guys on the 'net
A good friend, with a great sense of humor!!


Mandy & MTCat

It's very nice to see two of
my best net friends together!
and about time I got Mandy in here
you're a welcome addition gal! *Hugs*








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