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 I'll try to name as many as I can and will be adding more names as time goes on :


.... my sisters Me-na & Marti, my cuz's Seiko,After Hours, Appollo, Anticipator, Ash, ~ATHENA~, Augie, auntie sue, Aussi, Aussie, Avatar, Aynia, BackTrack, Bandit, Bane, Barbarella, Bare-Wabbit, beach girl, Bears, beebop, beecee, BelNZ, Ben@myPond, Big C, biglip, Bigsky, Billy, Bishop, Blackhawk, Blackthorn, BLB, Bleedin Me, Blue eyes, Bodhisattva, Boid, Bonnie & Clyde, Brin, *Brite Eyes*, bronco (Still keeping that secret?..*s*), bruce barber, Bryhild, "bubba", BudW, Buckets, Bushmaster, Buzz, Buzzkill, cahobbes, Calais, Caldazar, Caleb, Callyn, Calvin, Cassis, Cavalier, Changer, chewbaca, chocfish, Chriss, chrissie, Chuckle, Cool Blue, Creamcheese, cryptic, Cyber, Cyberella, CyberFalcon, Cyberlynx, Cyberwitch, Dakota, Daphne, Darkness, Dark Knight, Dark Shadows, Darkside, d'AV, dazey, Dean, Dean O!!!!, Decent, Dr Ice, DonNZ, DragonRider, Dragosis, Dreams, Duchess, Early Riser, Eddie P, _enigma, Evilla, eze, Felix, Ferel, Filburt, Flaming Star, fouriner, Free Willie, Frode, Gambit, Gangrel, Ghostrider, GlassWalker, Goodfella, Grashopr, Graye, Gypsi Wynd, Hadlee, Hal9000, harley biker, Harmless, HeartN'Soul, Hey, hi rider, Hot Doc, Houdini, Howie, IcanezU, Iceberg, ICrash, IDK, INFINITI, In2it, Insomniac, IrenetheDitz, Isayso, Issky, Jaddock, Jason, Jaspergray, J.P., jaycee, Jcee, Jester, Jmtrumpet, Jo~ *Joker*, Judas Priest, Kane, KATH, KC, Kerouac, KITT, Kiwi, kiwired, Kiwi Piper, Klael, Knight3, Knut, KOTUKU, Kyle, Lady Behir, LadyLack, LapLap, Laura, legend, Livraria, Loika, LoneStar, LOVERs, LuckyNL, Magi, MaleFlirt, Mandy, maniac, MarkW, Mathias, Maveric, McKatt, MegaByte, Melissa, Meranda, merc, merci, Michman, MICK, Micke, Mickegee, milkman, Minew, Minos, MrBenz, Mr Ed, MTCat, musicman, mysterious,, Nameci, *newfie*, Nicholas(the fish), Nod, Noe, Nomadic_One, normAL, Nosferatu, nufsaid, October, Odin, Oscette, Otis, Palpatine, Panama Rey, Pantera, patch, Pendragon, Peter.Swe, phar lap, poppy, predawn, Puma, Rainbow, Raistlin, RapidFire, Ratfink, Raver Girl, Red~, Red Storm, Reno Jim, Rheinhard, *Rob*, Roo, RoyalSW, Ruk, Ryan, Sabre, Sawdust, Scarlett, *SCORPIO*, Scott, seal, SENATOR, Serrel, Sgt Pepper, SHAZAM, shooter, SilverBullet, silvermane, Silverwolf, sinnomin, Sir Questor, SKORCH, Sleeptea, slip, Slowhand, Smiley, Sniper, Solo, Spaz, Speed, SPiKe, spock, Stamati, Stardreamer, Starfighter, Starlite, starshine, Starsky, STATIK, Steely Dan, Steve@ma, stiles, Stroker, SUPERBIRD, Sweetbliss, Tabby, Tamara, Tandia, T2, temptrest, Terminator, *Tess, TerryNZ, Thumper, TIGER, Tilly, Tim, Tim!, Tinkerbell, Trent, 2x4, The Viper, Tricorder, TX-Paladin, user, Valkyrie, Vampire, Wayne, Weiland, Whiddle, whiskers, WHOOSH, Wildcard, Wildman, workout, Yohanis, Zia, Zo'e ....

I hope I didn't miss anyone.....but, if I did...just give Sass a cyberboot and she'll have your name on the list real quick!! Go get the Gold and say Hi!!'ll luv them as much as I do....*smile*


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